Harvard Medicine Magazine: VOICES

A meditation on the need for communication. Created to promote Harvard Medicine Magazine's issue devoted to the human voice.

Written, directed, shot and edited by Emmanuel Ording
Model: Anna Apostolova
VO: April Jayne

Harvard Medicine Magazine: THE ART OF MEDICINE

Alice Flaherty, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, considers the risks and benefits of bringing aesthetics into medical practice.

Harvard Medicine: BODY LANGUAGE

Rafael Campo ’91 reflects on the poetry of medicine and the human body, illuminating how physicians who write about the doctor-patient relationship add dimension, character, and humanness to their profession and themselves, all of which are celebrated in the Summer 2014 issue of Harvard Medicine.

Harvard Medicine: ADVENTURE

Travel with Nathaniel Cobb ’84 as he recalls his participation in the 2,752-mile bike race known as the Tour Divide, setting the stage for stories of adventure undertaken by HMS scientists and alumni in the Spring 2015 issue of Harvard Medicine.

Harvard Medicine: ARCHITECTURE

Surrounded by the pulsing environment of hospital life, Mitchell Rabkin ’55 describes how seemingly chance aspects of hospital design can help in patient care, providing an introduction to the Winter 2015 issue of Harvard Medicine and its exploration of how structure and design facilitate collaborative research, produce one-of-a-kind tools, and inform the shape and function of the proteins in our bodies.