Video for brands with great stories to tell.

Person Place & Thing specializes in short-form documentary storytelling. Our productions hold audience attention, communicate ideas and meet client goals by truly connecting to our subjects and getting to the heart of the story. This comes from careful planning in preproduction, well-honed interviewing skills and an eye for visual detail that can create big metaphors for brands. Our secret sauce is boundless curiosity about the world and our respect for those who place their stories in our hands.

Our approach

Story Development

Right from the start we are working hard to make your video a success. We do the research required to really understand what is special about the people, places and things in your story. That could mean reading press, articles or books. It almost always means location scouting and pre-interviews to really soak in the story's potential drama and interest. So when we are ready to start rolling camera and sound, we have already absorbed a wealth of knowledge that we can draw on to inform our choices on set.

Capturing Images and Sounds

Interviewing skills are probably the number-one thing that sets us apart. Because we really do our homework, our interviewees feel like they are talking to an intelligent friend who truly wants to understand their story better. This puts them at ease and allows them to open up and share more of their passion for what they do. We then combine these interviews with great cinematography that brings everything to life, allowing audiences to really experience what makes your story unique.

Shaping Meaningful Stories

We are always thinking about your audience. Our goal is to engage them with a story that appeals to their natural human curiosity. We do this by shaping story arcs with great music and editing that keep audiences wanting to see what happens next. Our goal is to entertain and inform at the same time so that viewers want to hang out with your brand and learn more about you. We love what you do and we want the world to love it too.

Our work


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Bose Automotive

Bose Automotive needed a video series that would highlight the engineering spirit, partnerships and breakthrough design that led to the creation of a premium audio experience for small car environments: the Bose Personal System.


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Horizons Lost Time

Horizons at Dedham Country Day School (DCD) is an academic summer enrichment program that serves low-income Boston and Dedham students. "We make a long-term investment in every pre-kindergartner, promising ten consecutive summers of learning through 8th grade. A life-altering intervention, the Horizons program changes the trajectory of the lives of our students – and directly impacts their families and our community."


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Merida Craftsmanship 

Merida is a boutique rug design and manufacturing company based in Fall River, MA. For this project, we spent a lot of time with the creative folks at Merida and in their home city, getting to know all about the history and tradition of the craft they practice. This project required a lot of pre-production work on the ground in Fall River and at the Merida design studio. Person Place and Thing made sure to spend time with the designers and craftspeople to understand the passion they have for their trade. In the end, we went with an off-camera interview style so we could focus on the work in progress and the beautiful product being created.

Ray of Light Still.png

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Eversource Community

Eversource employees are incredibly active in charitable organizations, and the company serves as a model of how to support staff in their desire to give back to their communities. In this ongoing series, Person Place and Thing is profiling some incredible charities and the Eversource employees that give their time and financial support.


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Eversource Preparedness

Eversource employees are both on the front lines and in the control room making sure New England has the power it needs to move forward. We've had the great opportunity to profile a few of their amazing employees and show their dedication to our community.


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Harvard Medicine Magazine

Harvard Medicine Magazine wanted to create a series of videos to promote issues of their award-winning publication. Taking our lead from the amazing stories in the magazine, we produced 5 videos on a range of themes, from language to art to physical endurance.